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Who We Are


 MyDesk Virtual Office has been established to give assistance to Real Estate Companies, Brokers, Investors, as well as Title Companies, Appraisal Companies, Property Managers and Lenders to Assist on the day to day tasks. We can provide Phone Support/Answering Services, Telemarketing Services, Administrative Tasks, and Marketing Management. We guarantee Client Satisfaction and we meet our goals! Talk to us and we would be more than happy to answer your questions!

   Our Solutions 


We have Virtual Assistants that we can supply and work in an office-based location as if it would be your satellite office. There are no power interruptions as we have power generators in cases like this or back-up internet plans for internet issues. Your VA will also be monitored to make sure he/she is being productive. We have been supplying Transaction Coordinators/Real Estate Virtual Assistants/Telemarketers to Property Managers, Title Companies and Real Estate Brokers across the United States and we know the process of listing a property in the MLS to Writing Offers and Coordinating with various parties like Title Companies and Lenders, HOA Call Ups, Utilities Call Ups, Tax Verification, etc, We also know how to do Comps, Manage Emails and Lead Database etc.

Our Vision

To establish at-your-office productivity and be an efficient Virtual Assistant services company to bring forth quality performance and exercise commitment to success.


  Our Mission

To provide professional and dedicated Virtual Assistant services that will assist your Real Estate Business in achieving its business goals. Our Main Goal is to have you think strategies for your company’s growth and build a relationship with your clients without the worry of the pile of office works that take much of your time. We also take part in continues skill development for our Employees. 

 Tools that we are familiar with–