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Established in Baguio City, Philippines in 2012 by Kaye Estacio, MyDesk Virtual Office found its beginnings as a home based virtual assistant service. Since then, it has grown into an industry leader, aiming to provide exceptional training and gainful employment to the city’s communities and its members.


We provide dignified employment and competitive compensation to our employees, utilizing their God-given talents as a means to pursue happiness and sustain their welfare. 

Our clients have found constant, talented, and creative professionals that assist them in their endeavors in and around the Real Estate Industry and for the last ten years, have continued to find profit and growth in partnership with our institution.



Our mission is to be an exceptional source of talent to our clients and a trustworthy institution that is well respected by our employees. That this partnership, of client and assistant, be an avenue of growth and prosperity. Through earned trust and gained respect, we aim to be a singular brand bound by accountability, credibility, and transparency.


It is our desire to bring MyDesk Virtual Office to the global market and deliver the highest level of professionalism and performance through our executive assistants whose commitment and skill should be second to none.

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