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Contract Obligations

Q: Is there a lock-in contract option?

No, we do not have a lock-in period.


Q: How long is a minimum contract period?

No minimum contract period. You can cancel anytime.

Q: How much notice do we need to give to cancel a contract?

You'll need 2 weeks prior to the cancellation date.


Q: How much notice does the staff member need to give if resigning?

After employees provide their notice of resignation, they have to render 30 days for endorsements before they can leave the company.

What is the onboarding and training process?

Onboarding Process

After we have finalized your VA's job specifications, start date, and schedule, our business team will send you our agreement which details the VA tasks and corresponding charges. After the document has been processed, we will then forward you to your onboarding manager who will train with you and heretofore create a task map so the delegation of tasks can commence. After this training period, all tasks should now be endorsed and your VA up to speed.


Q: How long does onboarding and training a new staff member take?


This process will depend on the complexity of the VA's job specifications. On average this takes 2-3 days with more complex scenarios extending this period to 5 days.



How is performance managed?

Our Workforce Supervisor, together with our Accounts Supervisor will work together to make sure that your Virtual Assistant's workflow is at its peak productivity.


Q: Where does the staff member work from an office or their home?

We are an office-based company, with our VAs in a professional work environment.

Q: How is productivity monitored?

We employ TimeDoctor to make sure that VAs are conscientious of time and tasks.

Q: Do we get a report on the staff members' productivity? 

Expect to get an End of the Day Report from your VA at the close of every shift. This should detail what tasks were completed, your VAs logged hours, and they'll let you know if anything is out of the ordinary.

Q: Who supervises the staff member day to day?


WorkForce Supervisors and Production Managers are always at hand to assist your VAs.

Sick days and days off?

Your VA should notify you two weeks ahead if they want to arrange a planned leave.


Q: How are we notified if the staff member is sick?

In the case of a sick VA, you will be notified ASAP. If is no response is received from you, a call will be placed. We want to make sure that you're informed of your VAs status.

Q: Is there a replacement staff member for sick days?


Yes, we have a standby VA who will fill in for your VA. We'll do our best to make sure that everything is business as usual. 

How is our IP kept private and safe?

Q: How are our logins, software, and confidential information kept private and safe?

We have a dedicated IT department to ensure that your data is kept safe through a business-level VPN. The only people that have access to your logins will be your VA and On-Boarding Specialist as we keep everything confidential. You are further protected by our NDA which all team members will be sure to have signed.

Q: What happens if confidential information or IP is misused or disclosed to a third party?

If this happens, the consequences will lead to termination of employment and possibly a civil lawsuit. Our employees signed a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement which was thoroughly discussed with them.

Q: Would the staff member be working for other businesses at the same time?

If the client hires a Virtual Assistant from us, the assigned VA will only be working for that said client exclusively. If the client prefers a part-time schedule, we can assign another client to that assistant in the off-hours of the client to fill in the VA's 8-hour daily schedule.


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