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Integrating Gratefulness. (A Thanksgiving Special)

When we think of Thanksgiving Day, these images will

automatically come to mind; roast turkey, pumpkin pie, watching

football with family, perhaps the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

But the most important element of this Season, lest we forget, is how

harmony, tranquility, and faith prevailed for the Nation. We take a

break and slow down for a while in order for us to reflect and remind

ourselves that there is so much to be grateful for.

When we look at a finished house, we first notice the vivid colors, the

fine shape and design of the estate, we immediately love how flawless

it is, even without knowing how the foundation was built. We look past

the construction process, we forget that it is the most important thing,

that without it, there would not even be anything to admire.

The framework of the house, its architecture and framework tend to be

overlooked, we thought these are just little things but in the end they

add up to be the focal point and become the most important thing

later on, sometimes we do not remember that until it is too late.

This season of the year gives us a chance to remember to say thanks to

people, especially from those who do not hear it from us very often:

The stranger on the other line who took the time to address your

grievances, the server who delightfully delivered your food, your

classmate who always update you on classes you missed, your

colleague who always laugh at your jokes no matter how lame they

sound, your team that reminds you how hard work is always worth it,

your awesome Boss who inspires you to be the best version of yourself

and your family who has your back no matter how times you fail.

See, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life we tend to

forget the people that we owe thanks to, we owe them not because they

demand it but because these little positive things help make us who we


Thanksgiving Day is a historical occasion, it is race-free, religion-free

and gender-free, it is a time for everyone to give and share, an intimate

day for families to get together. Of course we may do that all year

round but if not, let this serve as a reminder that gratefulness should

not only be felt but also needs to be expressed.

Just like a house’s strength is determined by its foundation, a person’s

fortitude can be measured by how they can look back and remember

the people and moments that made up the framework of their character.

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