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'Tis the Season, Everyday is a Reason.

It's Winter season again!

The perfect time to cozy up by the fireplace, finally catch up on your favorite book, warm up your cold hands with the perfect cup of hot cocoa, or just simply listen to mellow music with your cat snuggling up beside you. You look by the window and notice the light snowfall gradually becoming stronger, the winds get noisier..but good thing you are safe, you realize the decision to move from your shabby apartment to this nice snug, house before the holiday comes is actually the perfect decision.

You are safe from the snow storm.

You realize you are one of the few, lucky, people to have a home.

This Christmas season, happiness is found everywhere, anywhere you look it is bright, colorful, and joyful. Maybe it is because of the year-end-break vibe or as simple as the cold breeze, nevertheless people feel twice as happy and blessed this season.

So in as much as material gifts are exchanged, opened, shipped or given as surprise.. let us not forget the most important gift there is, the most priceless offering..... the gift of Kindness and Love. The irony however, is, no matter how priceless it is, it became so hard to find nowadays. Let us bring it back, let's make it readily available all year round. We can start today.

Let us make someone's Holiday extra special by offering them kindness and compassion. We may not be able to provide everyone steady homes and permanent shelters to live in but we can always lend an ear, offer a shoulder, or extend a hand. There are so many ways to radiate love, and in this season of cold breeze, be a source of warmth.

A meaningful Holiday is one spent with a heart full of grace and selflessness, may we use this Season to be an instrument of goodwill.

Because if we realize that we are lucky enough, we must learn how to become a home to people who do not have one. Be their sense of security in the midst if chaos.

If necessary, be their wall, their roof or their fence, not one of their storms. Wishing you a meaningful week!

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